Sunday, July 19, 2009


Finally get to update my blog, heres a little something ive had laying around for about a month or two. I am currently freelancing for a new film project. Its an exciting project with lots of very cool sci-fi elements. I am currently doing enviornment concepts and learning the in's and outs of matte painting and camera mapping. Learning lots of new tricks, and having good times finally getting paid to do what i love. Hopefully I will get to update my page again sometime soon, if not sorry guys it just means im slaving away in the dungeon.


Devon Whitehead said...


jabraniho said...

yeah explosion!!!!

nice piece saul!


Eytan Zana said...

great to hear you're still alive and rockin dude. nice work! can't wait to see your crazy sci-fi stuff

Cliff Childs said...

Yo this is some more foo!