Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Oneill Cylinder

This painting was really fun freelance project of a sci-fi cityscape floating around on giant panels, had to do a little research on what an Oneill Cylinder was because I never heard of it and I am a huge fan of sci-fi. Love getting lost in these worlds.


DK said...

So thats what it was called ~ sick update bro! I hope you can come through on Industry night !!!

Cliff Childs said...

Lots of awesome new work. The city-scape extraordinaire!

Gian said...

very cool!

Saul Espinosa said...

Daniel- Thanks bro, sorry i wasnt able to make it out, we should meet up sometime! Hope everything goes greagt for you and best wishes!

Cliff- Thanks Cliff! been awhile, love your new work also, havnt hung out with the photoshop master in awhile. I am sure you have a bunch of new tricks up your sleeve!

Gian- Thanks bro! love your new paintings too digging them new techniques!

Denis said...

saw this great pic in Panopticon and I was lie, WOW!
This is amazing, mate!
it's like bringing my two favorite games in one package! instant win!

Denis said...

I was like, not lie!
Since I'm not a cake, I can't be a lie! (Portal humor)