Friday, March 2, 2012

Materials Study

Heres a new materials study I did, pure lasso tool, soft and hard standard photoshop brushes and perspective, no 3D or photos used. Learned a lot.


Here is the process for those interested.

1: Simple blocked in shapes with simple gradients.

2: Basic paint block in of the car and some background elements to get a feel of it all and simple textures

3: Perspective

4: Lasso tool cleanup using the perspective that was plotted

5: After elements are cleaned up some i started applying diffuse colors with simple Light and Dark Gradients of the diffuse colors.

6: Began placing the reflective qualities of the materials

7: Further reflection details and started to make the glass transparent and detailed background

8: Specular highlights and bloom along with other subtle light effects

9: Depth of field, sun glow, noise, color and saturation adjustments

Basically followed the process a 3D render goes through. Diffuse color > Light and shadow > Reflections > Specular > FX


Nik Lord said...

Super clean dude........i would love to see some digital graph done with your concept art knowledge.....

Saul Espinosa said...

thanks! actually i have one laying around of a skateboard i designed.. heres a link